Tiger by Mark Ashkenazi
( 7 ) 1 day ago

Amazing Ink and Paper Illustrations by Cesar Del Valle

( 6 ) 2 days ago

HMNIM Playing Cards by Dan & Dave

In collaboration with Mark Hoppus and his apparel company Hi My Name is Mark we present to you our latest project, HMNIM Playing Cards.

We worked with an award winning team of illustrators to create this truly unique deck of cards with a nautical theme. A process that took nearly a year to complete, no detail was left out and no expense was spared.

The outside was embossed with a uv coating to create the same kind of shimmer you might see reflecting off the ocean. The nautical map on the inside might not lead you to gold but the didn’t stop us from printing it in gold! Each deck is sealed with a gold foil stamp… and that’s only the box!

After nearly a year of planning, designing, and prototyping the deck is now complete and available for purchase at Dan & Dave and HMNIM

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This is My Design by Huebucket
( 21 ) 6 days ago
Uphill Battle by Budi Satria Kwan
( 57 ) 1 week ago
Undersea Attack by Steven Toang
( 68 ) 1 week ago

Caustic Icebergs by Chaotic Atmospheres

Following a project for a client, which involved an iceberg, I wanted to create a series on this theme.

I used Acropora to generate several icebergs starting from the same base while varying some parameters. I did the same for the “bodies of water,” and imported them into Vue for a caustic rendering. I made several renderings for each image in order to obtain the dusty-glowing horizon line break I was looking for.

( 24 ) April 14, 2014
Wolf by Michael Creese
( 26 ) 1 week ago